About Me

A Little About Myself

I watched my father build many successful businesses throughout my childhood. When I graduated from Ohio University I experienced first-hand what it is to run a business and my first lesson was:

There is simply not enough time in the day. 

I wanted to have my hand in the operations, the billing, the marketing, and the client relations, all the while brainstorming how to grow and expand. 

My intention is to become an extension of my client’s brand/business and provide guidance and support as it pertains to their marketing efforts.

Whether you are looking for a marketing audit, a fresh perspective or someone to hit the ground running with all of those great ideas you never had time to get to – that is what I am here for.

a few ways i can assist

Gain More Time in Your Day

You get paid the big bucks for a reason. It is your business, and your baby and you need to allocate your time into its success and growth. Allow me to take some of the marketing burden off your shoulders.

Save Money

Every penny counts - and a lot of my clients do not need a full-time salary on staff when it comes to their marketing. In fact, once I get my clients started I suggest 5 - 10 hours a week to touch base, analyze our campaigns and keep the website fresh.

Someone You Can Trust

When you work with any type of agency or freelancer, you will need to give access to a lot of your accounts and trust that they are putting in the hours they are billing. I am a person you can trust to put in the time and effort towards your business goals.

Heart + Soul

We as business owners put our blood, sweat, and tears into our business. I embody your passion and I started this business because it is what I love to do - make an impact. I want you to see growth and success.


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